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• Internacionalización del CSDMM
Programas de movilidad de estudiantes
Red Iberoamericana de Centros de Enseñanza Superior de Diseño de Moda

Información institucional 2015-2016
• Foreign Students
Estudiantes del CSDMM. Información sobre movilidad bajo Programa Erasmus +


The Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid (CSDMM) is a Private Centre for Higher Fashion Design Education, with the support of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and depends on the Foundation for Design Promotion in the Madrid Autonomous Government, (FUNDISMA) presided by the Chancellor of the UPM. From 1986 the CSDMM has been focused on education, investigation and formative update in creation, management, production and promotion of fashion design field.

The CSDMM has built its reputation on a close relationship with the professional world of fashion and in our tradition as an institution of reference in Fashion education in Spain. We train designers since 1986 but also maintain a synergistic relationship with professionals. Members of the Board of FUNDISMA are all from sectors of Creation and Fashion Industry, major Professional Associations as ACME and ASECOM and fashion media and magazines.

The CSDMM forms Fashion Design professionals with solid skills for a full integration in the fashion creation, the industry and in all the related areas, as well as the adequacy of their labor to the new circumstances of the fashion system, production and international market. The educational methodology is mainly practical, promoting autonomous work, workshop practices and creative project development as fundamental routes in future designer´s learning process.


The Erasmus+ Programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising higher education across Europe and the rest of the world. It gives students and staff opportunities to develop their skills and boost their employment prospects. Good practices will be shared between universities and businesses in Knowledge Alliances.

Higher education institutions from participating countries can work with those from neighbourhood countries, non-EU Balkan countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America to develop their educational systems. More information about Erasmus + Programme

In the year 1992-1993 the ERASMUS + Bureau granted to the CSDMM, as coordinating center, the first Interuniversity Program of Cooperation (PIC), with financial help to expire with the Program of Students' Mobility (SM) and of Educational Personnel (TS). Since then and up to the date, the CSDMM has increased progressively its Mobility Programs, beginning the relation with one university and supporting nowadays exchange with eight European centers.

Erasmus + Partners in Europe:

  • Hungary:
  • - Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (Budapest). www.mif.hu

STUDY PLAN 2015-2016

Since 1986 the CSDMM has been pioneer in Spain in Fashion Design training. Innovation and tradition, creativity and art, have been the keys to our history that is renewed with this new university official certification of degree.

In 2014-2015, CSDMM started a new Study Plan: a BA Degree in Fashion Design with a new curriculum. So in 2015-2016 only will be offers two courses -1st and 2nd- of the new Study Plan, and continue the 3rd and 4th courses of the previous degree: High Studies of Fashion Design.

Both study plans are made up of a teaching process closely linked to the social and industrial reality of fashion. It covers theory, technology and practice in great depth. The training model from which the Study Plan evolves, corresponds to an overall scheme in which the creative aspects, developed by a specific methodology, are present just as much as the theories which make up the base concepts and the techniques which allow for the realization of each of the stages necessary in the carrying out of the design process.

The teaching method, with a limited number of students per course, allows for the nearly monitoring of the learning process and the supervision of each student's work, directing it in accordance with the student's individual aptitudes and abilities.


The Centre's teaching staff is made up of academics professors linked to faculties of the Madrid universities, and of highly qualified fashion design professionals. The management team employs the advice of designers, educationalists and Industries, to allow the university activities to be tailored to the dynamic and ever-changing fashion world.

The educational principles have always been based on the student strengthen in relationship with the professional fashion sector. We have great professionals who know first-hand production techniques and top designers which serve as a reference for students to dare to cross their creative boundaries.


The CSDMM, aware of the necessary multidisciplinary training of the future fashion designer, offers formative complements and activities to the students. Every academic year, the students present their work with exhibitions, catwalks, and stands in fashion fairs, and apply to national and international contests. The syllabus includes an internship period in fashion companies and designers' workshops, provided by the alliances that the CSDMM possesses with the most important companies, federations and associations of fashion sector, thanks to FUNDISMA.

The Erasmus student will be able to select others from the courses’ Curriculum Plan of the CSDMM (you must inform it to the Head of Study and Erasmus + Coordinator for the possible adequacy to groups and schedules).

  • All lessons are taught in Spanish.

STUDY PLAN - 2015-2016

(Study Plan)


The Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid has a wide complex of laboratories and workrooms for the development and practical application of the taught subjects. Laboratories: Physics/Chemistry Textile Laboratory; Computer Design Laboratory: CAD, Sketch; Photograph and Video Laboratory. Workrooms: Textile Workroom, Leather Workroom, Fur Workroom.


The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, through its Language Program for Internationalization (PROLINTER) from the International Relations Vice-Rector Office, offers those students who are going to participate in academic Exchange programs at UPM the opportunity of study Spanish as a foreign Language. In every four-month period the department organizes Intensive Course in Spanish Applied to Science and Technology and Introduction to Spanish Culture (more information at Spanish Language Courses).


Content of program to be developed by students in exchange may be set up prior to student’s arrival at the CSDMM. The Erasmus Coordinator will be in charge of program schedule and of student’s efficiency.

Once the exchange period is over, each professor will be required to deliver the marks got by the students involved. The CSDMM will issue the Transcript of Records certificate signed by the Director stating the marks achieved by each one of the students in exchange.


The CSDMM has not available any students’ hall of residence. Therefore students themselves are to look for their own accommodation in Madrid. In the Student Services and University Extension Office, which is located in The UPM Rector's Office- (see above details) the Erasmus + student will also be given information about:

  • How to find accommodation (if you have not already received this before your arrival): Halls of Residence, University Residences, student flats and homestays.
  • Information on cultural and sports activities.
  • Practical information on life in and around Madrid. You will be given a pack containing a number of tourist brochures about Madrid, maps on the methods of transport available and information on the UPM.
  • Help with problems you may encounter during your time in Spain.

The Student Services and University Extension Office of the UPM deliver the Erasmus + card to the foreign students with whom they will be able to have discounts in the income to museums and some cultural events. Also with this card, they can enjoy the same advantages as well as the services of the Library of Campus Sur.


Vice-Rector’s Office for International Relations (Bilateral Agreements)
Address: C/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7
Postcode: 28040 - Madrid, Spain
Tel.: (+34)91 3363659/8+34)91 3363665
Fax: (+34)91 3363664
E-mail: secretaria.vinternacional@upm.es
Office open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. (UTC +01:00)

Vice-Rector’s Office for Student Affairs. Erasmus + Programme.
Address: Paseo Juan XXIII, 11
Postcode: 28040 - Madrid, Spain
Tel.: (+34)91 3367986/(+34)91 3366018
Fax: (+34)91 3367980
E-mail: erasmus@upm.es
Office open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. (UTC +01:00)


Each semester we have places available for visiting students. The academic year develop in two semesters:

  • Winter semester: September - January. Application deadline: May
  • Summer semester: February - May. Application deadline: October

If your university has a Bilateral Agreement with our CSDMM, you must complete the On-line Application Form and return it together with the following papers within the application deadline:

  • Motivation Letter
  • Photocopy of identity document
  • CV
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • Portfolio with outstanding works of academic path (in pdf send by Email)

CSDMM Summary Information for incoming students

On-line Application Form


For all students, send your application to:

Guillermo García-Badell, CSDMM Academic Vice-Dean / Erasmus Coordinator
Campus Sur de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,
Ctra. de Valencia Km.7.
Postcode: 28031, Madrid. Spain
Tel.: (+34)91 3310126
Fax: (+34)91 3321767
E-mail: gacademica.csdmm@upm.es

Campus Sur, Ctra. de Valencia Km.7, Bloque 1
28031 Madrid
T: (+34) 913.31.01.26
F: (+34) 913.32.17.67

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